Some of us absolutely love living the rural life!  Whether it is the peace and quiet, the wide open spaces or the clean air with a touch of agriculture.  We may like horses, chicken, goats and our beloved canine friends have room to run!  These days even the rural setting come with building reviews, zoning issues and building inspections, etc.  You may need an Architect and I can assist you with everything from advice and opinion to designs and drawings.

We can help with existing buildings or new buildings.  Importantly, if you are searching for land, please give us call before you buy!  I can help you determine if the property is good for building or if there are some hurdles we may need to overcome.  I can’t stress this enough.  You should speak to professionals before getting tied up in a property that may have big challenges.

If you are contemplating an Owner-Builder scenario we can provide assistance throughout the process.  This can be simply advice or help with contractors or observation of the construction as it progresses.  Let’s make sure you are getting what you want and also getting what you paid for!