An Architect Bringing Problem Solving Power to Successful Building Projects with Form & Function.

Our Mission

Building is What We Do Best

First, We Mean Business!

Above all, you need an architect with a never ending pursuit to complete your building project to best of our ability and for your ultimate satisfaction.
We will be with you every step of the way.

Our Philosophy

It's Never That Easy! We Try to Make it Easier.

Second, I Will Say it Again...

All things considered, It is one thing to have great design, but making it a reality takes hard work and excellent problem solving skill.  Ultimately, building and site projects have to be able to be built & completed.

Our Promise

A Building Project is a Journey with Partnerships

Third, Honesty & Integrity Rules the Day!

Above all, I promise to work hard toward making your project a success!  Similarly, I will be available even beyond typical business hours.  No doubt, honesty is the best policy whether good or bad news is at our doorstep.

an Architect with Diversity:

  • Commercial: Office, Food Service

  • Residential: Multi-family Apartments & Condos

  • Educational: Classrooms, Sports, Cafeteria, Admin.

  • Industrial: Manufacturing, Fleet Maintenance, Storage

  • Solutions: Buildings, Civil Site & Off-Site, Landscape

  • Materials: Steel, Masonry, Wood Frame, Concrete

  • Size: $1-$20 million (some bigger, some smaller)

  • Services: Planning & Zoning, Design, Documentation, Jurisdiction Review, Construction Administration


“The Lay of the Land”

We provide comprehensive services.  First, this means prior to providing you with a proposal, we need to understand your requirements.  Second, we review your building site to unveil any challenges and to determine the engineering scope of work.  At this point, we undertake serious due diligence by contacting your jurisdiction and discussing their process, zoning and plan review requirements.  Then, based on our understanding and the preliminary due diligence, we will provide you a written proposal.  Furthermore, the proposal will layout the services that will be required to obtain jurisdictional approvals.  In addition, if you or the jurisdiction requires construction period services, we will include those in the proposal.

We can also provide flexibility.  As a result, written agreements can be terminated with seven days written notice.  However, some of our clients like to take smaller initial steps.  Similarly, we can provide a “kick-off” proposal that could include some prudent initial due diligence.  First, surveying would allow us to produce some preliminary site designs.  Accordingly, the “kick-off” proposal can include preliminary building design such as floor plans, exterior elevations and conceptual building sections.  In conclusion, this preliminary work provides an excellent foundation for your information and our understanding.  Ultimately, it also provides a more defined scope of work to provide an accurate and comprehensive main proposal.

“Service with a Smile”

First of all, at the very beginning of a project, we can provide due diligence services such as Surveying (ALTA Land Survey & Topography).  Furthermore, we should discuss including Geo-technical Subsurface Investigation and Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment.  Similarly, Environmental Resource Investigation and Traffic Impact Analysis may be required.

In addition, Building Design includes all Architecture, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing.  Additionally, Fire Suppression, Fire Alarms, and Energy Compliance Audits can be included if required.

Accordingly, Site Design includes Architectural Site Planning with site details (walls, gates, trash enclosures, etc.).  Moreover, Civil Engineering includes Grading & Drainage, Paving, Utilities as well as Off-site Improvements in the Right-of-Way.  Furthermore, Landscape Design (Planting, Ground Covers, Irrigation), Electrical Distribution with Site Lighting, Street Lighting are usually required.

Finally, miscellaneous Services can include Lot Splits, Plats, Zoning Changes and Variances as required by the local jurisdiction.  By the same token, some government agencies may require Book Specifications and Construction Administration (Site Observation, Shop Drawing Review, Contractor Pay Applications, Punch List and Closeout Documentation).

“A good Architect does not a good business man make.”

Yep!  That’s me! What I mean is…

First and foremost, I am honest and ethical.  Ultimately, my job is to be your advocate much the same as your lawyer or doctor.  If you have read the previous two tabs, you understand my desire to provide complete service.  Meanwhile, it is difficult for you as the Owner to compare “apples to apples” if you try to shop around for lowest professional design fees.  Regrettably, many firms do not include the true and complete picture of the services you will need.  I do not like falling for the “nickel and dime” trick and neither should you.  Moreover, my fees are competitive because we are a small exclusive team that has been together for years and each consultant knows they can trust my direction.  Consequently, the Architect is truly the “Jack of All Trades” and should be able to lead and communicate for a smooth and purposeful workflow.

“Solid as Rock”

In conclusion, I am serious when I tell you that you will get personal and direct service.  Actually, I have no receptionist.  Strangely enough, guess who answers the phone when you call (including off hours)?  Incidentally, on the rare occasion that you receive my voicemail, you will probably hear from me in an hour or two.  By the same token, the same goes for email replies.  Consequently, all architectural design and drafting is completed by me.  Most of all, I coordinate the whole team and I will be your single source for information and questions throughout the project.

RURAL LIVING – I can help

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Sepia Photo of Old Time Greg by Greg Cornell, Architect

Don’t hesitate to contact me!

Above all, if you need to contact an architect, I am honest, straightforward and easy to talk with.  As a matter of fact, with over 30 years of experience as an architect, I am still a “hands on” sole proprietor and a jeans & cowboy hat kinda guy.

Incidentally, there is no cost involved in our initial discussions.  Furthermore, any work requiring cost or fees is not undertaken until we agree in a written proposal.  Ultimately, if you are looking for an architect, I can help!


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